Belgium a tiny spot on the map -1-

It is time for me, ” The Cycling Herring”, to tell you more about the country I live in.

Belgium. You know Belgium? That tiny, little spot on the world map?

Let me show you here on the map. Look very closely en take your magnifying glasses.





You see it now???




Great! Thank you for looking that closely. You can put back your magnifying glasses now. You won’t need them any more.

Belgium might not be huge  still it is big.

I hear you thinking what the f*** is he saying??

And yes, Belgium is indeed a tiny little country but at the same time it is big because it counts:

  • 6 governments
  • more than 50 ministers
  • 3 different official languages
  • 2 kings
  • 2 queens

You still think Belgium is an insignificant spot on the map????